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Can I send a Check In Ok message while tracking?

No, you may not send a Check In Ok message while tracking. In order to emit a Check In Ok after having activated Tracking, please turn off the SPOT unit by pressing and holding the ON/OFF button for 3 seconds. Then power the unit back on by pressing the ON/OFF button and quickly pressing the Ok button until the LED blinks red. Additional information about priority of messages: Help messages suspend Check In Ok and Tracking functions. 911 messages suspend all other functions. Common Issues My tracks did not go through while using more than one function. When a new message is sent from the SPOT device while Tracking is active, the Tracking will be suspended during the transmission of the message. The message will be marked in My Locations and serves as a substitute for the missing track. ...

Can the tracking interval be adjusted?

No. The interval between messages for tracking is fixed at 10 minutes. It cannot be changed....

Where is the best location to send a message?

The ideal environment or location to send a message from your SPOT device would be a horizon to horizon view of the open sky.  There are two satellite constellations that require a line of site to your device to acquire your GPS location and transmit messages.  We understand that this type of location cannot always be attained, so here are a few tips in finding a good location to send your message. •    Ensure that you are not too close to any tall buildings or structures that may block the view of the open sky. •    If you are in a heavily forested area, attempt to find a clearing •    If you are in a valley, attempt to elevate as much as possible Common Issues I have a clear view of the sky, but messages still don’t go through. Keep in mind that SPOT Satellites are moving and may be closer to the horizon than directly over top of you. Ensure the logo of the device is facing the sky. Allow adequate time (up to 20 minutes) for message transmission before moving the device into a bad position. ...

How do I share my tracking with other people?

Using a Share Page is the best way to share your near real-time messaging and location information with family, friends, and colleagues.  If you prefer to share SPOT activity after you finish your trip, we recommend using SPOT Adventures!  To create a share page, please login to your SPOT account. Click on Share. Select Create a Share Page. Enter your Share Page Name. Make sure the correct Devices to Share are selected. In the Location Messages to Share section, check the message types you would like to share. In Share GPS Locations from the Last section, select the length of time you would like to share your messaging and tracking information.  The maximum amount of SPOT activity that can be shared is the last 7 days. Select whether you would like to share the details of your messages in the share page or not. (If this option is enabled, the content of your Check-in messages will be displayed on your share page) Select whether you want your share page to be public or private. Public share pages are accessible and viewable by any individual who has the link Private share pages are only accessible or viewable after entering the configured password You may click Create to simply create your share page or you may choose to send your share page link to your family, friends, and/or colleagues by using the notify option. If you would like to send your share page link to your family, friends, and/or colleagues, select the checkbox at the bottom of the page and the web page will expand to display an email form. You may opt to send a copy of this email to yourself. Please note:  Share pages only display SPOT messaging and tracking information moving forward from the time of its creation. To confirm the configuration of your share page, we recommend sending messages from your device to ensure they are being displayed correctly in your share page.   Common Questions and Issues My share page is not displaying my SPOT activity. Please check the devices selected to share activity on your share page.  If there are no devices selected, there will be no information to display. Are the correct message types selected for sharing?  Please check your message types configured for sharing. My share page is not displaying my tracking....

How accurate is the SPOT Personal Tracker when reporting a user's position?

The SPOT Messenger has a location accuracy of approximately 20 ft. (5 m)....
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