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SPOT Gen4 Support



Public API and XML Feed

SPOT API Support: Current API information: ** In accordance with PCI requirements, TLS 1.1 will be disabled as of January 1st, 2020   API Access:   Be considerate when making API calls, this service is provided free of charge, please do not abuse it. Repeatedly accessing the same feed in very short time periods will result in your IP being blocked or your feed disabled. Please allow as least 2.5 minutes between calls of the same feed and if you are pulling multiple feeds have your application sleep at least 2 seconds between feed requests. -- The API will only return data from the point in time the feed was created, up to a maximum of 7 days.  Example: If you create a brand new feed for a device today, you will not be able to pull data  from previous days on this new feed. --   The SPOT shared page is built upon an XML data stream that is enabled when a new shared page is created. The first step is to create a Share Page in your account.  Once you have the Shared Page created, you can then obtain your FEED_ID from the URL of the Shared Page. The glId in the following url is the FEED_ID you will need below. (Please note the glId/FEED_ID in the examples below is non-functional, it is for example purposes only)   The FEED_ID in the above Shared Page URL is: 0XapxKiqW4RCHYhVkaCBpaHT3cNMUcEef Available API usage calls: Adding .xml before any further query string parameters will return XML and .json will return JSON. Last 50 Messages in XML format: Paging in increments of 50 in XML format (Note: No ?start= results in newest 50 by default): Last 50 Messages in JSON format (both are the same request): Last 50 Messages with password (you should be able to add ?feedPassword to any of the feed requests): Start/End Date - 7 days worth of data max restriction applies, regardless of what date you put in there: (Offset functionality is currently not implemented, using -0000 is the only available offset)   Latest - This one will show you the latest message for each device on the shared page, and only the latest message:   The following message types are available via the current feed: OK TRACK EXTREME-TRACK UNLIMITED-TRACK NEWMOVEMENT HELP HELP-CANCEL CUSTOM POI STOP The XML returned via an feed will look like this: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <response> <feedMessageResponse> <count>10</count> <feed> <id>03XHH0sPyTiYUsYD2TVJ4q7CzEH89HBhG</id> <name>OneAtATime</name> <description>OneAtATime</description> <status>ACTIVE</status> <usage>0</usage> <daysRange>7</daysRange> <detailedMessageShown>true</detailedMessageShown> </feed> <totalCount>10</totalCount> <activityCount>0</activityCount> <messages> <message clientUnixTime="0"> <id>4937065</id> <messengerId>0-8356068</messengerId> <messengerName>Spot2</messengerName> <unixTime>1364909292</unixTime> <messageType>HELP-CANCEL</messageType> <latitude>-99999.0</latitude> <longitude>-99999.0</longitude> <modelId>SPOT2</modelId> <showCustomMsg>Y</showCustomMsg> <dateTime>2013-04-02T06:28:12-0700</dateTime> <hidden>0</hidden> <messageContent>The help message has been cancelled</messageContent> </message> <message clientUnixTime="0"> <id>4937064</id> <messengerId>0-8356068</messengerId> <messengerName>Spot2</messengerName> <unixTime>1364909283</unixTime> <messageType>HELP</messageType> <latitude>45.42249</latitude> <longitude>-111.68832</longitude> <modelId>SPOT2</modelId> <showCustomMsg>Y</showCustomMsg> <dateTime>2013-04-02T06:28:03-0700</dateTime> <hidden>0</hidden> <messageContent>This is the default HELP message. Please update.</messageContent> </message> <message clientUnixTime="0"> <id>4937060</id> <messengerId>0-8356068</messengerId> <messengerName>Spot2</messengerName> <unixTime>1364908774</unixTime> <messageType>CUSTOM</messageType> <latitude>45.42249</latitude> <longitude>-111.68832</longitude> <modelId>SPOT2</modelId> <showCustomMsg>Y</showCustomMsg> <dateTime>2013-04-02T06:19:34-0700</dateTime> <hidden>0</hidden> <messageContent>This is a custom message</messageContent> </message> <message clientUnixTime="0"> <id>4937059</id> <messengerId>0-8356068</messengerId> <messengerName>Spot2</messengerName> <unixTime>1364908765</unixTime> <messageType>OK</messageType> <latitude>45.42249</latitude> <longitude>-111.68832</longitude> <modelId>SPOT2</modelId> <showCustomMsg>Y</showCustomMsg> <dateTime>2013-04-02T06:19:25-0700</dateTime> <hidden>0</hidden> <messageContent>This is the default SPOT Check-in/OK message. Please update.</messageContent> </message> <message clientUnixTime="0"> <id>4937057</id> <messengerId>0-8356068</messengerId> <messengerName>Spot2</messengerName> <unixTime>1364908512</unixTime> <messageType>TRACK</messageType> <latitude>45.42249</latitude> <longitude>-111.68832</longitude> <modelId>SPOT2</modelId> <showCustomMsg>Y</showCustomMsg> <dateTime>2013-04-02T06:15:12-0700</dateTime> <hidden>0</hidden> </message> </messages> </feedMessageResponse> </response> The XML document will contain 0 or more messages. Only the messengers and message types enabled by the customer will be available in this data stream. .blue_span { color: #008; } .code_snippet { font-size: 11px; } ...

How SPOT Gen4 works

SPOT products transmit short 1.5 second one-way messages on either 1611.25 MHz in North America and portions of Central America or on 1616.25 MHz throughout the rest of the world.  These frequencies are just above the GPS L1 frequency (1575.42 MHz) used by many aircraft navigation systems.  When the SPOT product transmits, there is the possibility of interference even though both the SPOT device and the aircraft navigation/communication systems meet all FCC regulatory requirements for interference....

Is my SPOT Gen4 device considered a Portable Electronic Device by the FAA?

Yes, when SPOT products are used on an aircraft, they are considered a Portable Electronic Device (PED). Per 14 CFR Part 91.21, the pilot is ultimately responsible for approving the use of any Portable Electronic Devices on their aircraft and must be able to show compliance upon request by the FAA. This includes being able to show that any PED’s being used do not affect the safety of the aircraft. SPOT, LLC (SPOT) Global Positioning System (GPS) Satellite Messenger Interference with GPS Position Information....

How can the SPOT Gen4 interference be prevented in aircraft?

In many cases, keeping the SPOT device at least 12-18 inches away from any navigation equipment or GPS antennas will resolve the problem.   This can be difficult in smaller planes as many pilots want to place the SPOT device on the glare shield.  If interference is observed, move the SPOT device to another location and check again for interference.  Continue testing until the problem is resolved.  Please note that in some cases, the interference problem will not be able to be resolved unless the SPOT product is turned off....

How can I determine if the SPOT Gen4 device transmissions affect the aircraft’s navigation electronics? 

Turn on the SPOT device and place it in Tracking mode. If the aircraft navigation system starts to have momentary interference issues at the same intervals that the SPOT device is transmitting Tracking messages, then the SPOT device must be moved or turned off to resolve the interference....
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