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How do I adjust the tracking interval?

Your SPOT Trace offers the ability to change the Tracking Interval, these Tracking Intervals can range from the optional 2.5-minute Extreme Tracking Interval, to the battery conserving 60-minute setting (5, 10, 30, and 60-minute intervals are available with basic service). Choice of Tracking Interval should be made based on the asset or activity you are tracking. If the asset is moving at high rates of speed, we recommend using a smaller interval to increase the accuracy of the location. Assets moving at slower rates of speed may utilize a longer period between tracks. Please note that the configured Tracking Interval will impact the life of your batteries. To view or adjust your SPOT Trace Tracking Interval: Login to your SPOT Account. From the My Devices page, click View/Edit of the device you wish to configure Select Tracking from the device settings column Select your desired Tracking Interval The change to the setting will automatically be saved. Modifying your tracking interval will require a device sync or firmware update. For information on how to perform a firmware update, please click here . Common Issues My device is not tracking in the selected interval. To ensure your device tracks in the correct interval, use the SPOT Device Updater to apply any changes made to your SPOT Trace. My device is not reporting tracks regularly. If tracks are appearing in irregular intervals it may be due to interference with your SPOT Trace’s signal. Making sure your device is oriented with the logo up in an area with a clear and unobstructed view of the sky. Avoid locating the Trace closer than 12 inches to another GPS device. Keep in mind that heavily overcast weather conditions and heavy foliage can interfere with the Trace’s signal. ...

How do I configure the low battery message?

The SPOT Trace will indicate that battery power reserves are low with an intermittent flashing red power LED. When the SPOT Trace begins to indicate a low battery we strongly suggest changing them. For reliable performance, use AAA Energizer Ultimate Lithium 8x batteries (L92), NiMH rechargeable batteries, or line power. Using USB line power will NOT charge rechargeable batteries and is NOT waterproof unless using the Waterproof DC power cable (sold separately). Note: NiMH batteries cannot be charged within the SPOT TRACE using line power. The SPOT Trace is NOT waterproof while line powered unless using the Waterproof DC power cable ( sold separately ). The Low Battery Message feature is enabled per factory settings. It may be configured by following the steps below. To configure your Low Battery Message: Login to your SPOT Account. From the My Devices page, click View/Edit of the device you wish to configure Select Low Battery Message from the device settings column You may customize the message to send – useful for accounts tracking multiple assets You may configure your contact list Your changes to the Low Battery Message will automatically be saved. Common Issues I did not receive a low battery message. The SPOT Trace will attempt to send a low battery notification at the time of the drop below the threshold and will repeat the notification each following day with the Status message if both types of notifications have been enabled. The SPOT Trace will not be able to send a low battery notification if the device has completely run out of batteries or if the device’s power reserve is too low to transmit a signal. How do I replace the batteries of my SPOT Trace? Follow these steps to replace the batteries in your Trace: With a Phillips-head screwdriver, unscrew the 4 enclosure screws. Carefully disassemble the SPOT Trace by evenly separating the two halves of the device. If the two halves are separated unevenly it may result in damage. Remove the expired batteries and replace with new lithium or NiMH batteries Ensure batteries are oriented correctly in regard to the battery terminals. Combine the two halves of the Trace evenly and hold a firm grip at the center of the unit An amber light will appear for approximately 5 seconds, then screw the two halves together. ...

How do I configure Movement Alerts?

Movement Alerts are a convenient way to be notified of unauthorized movements of your asset. When the movement alert rate (the period of time the unit must be at rest) has elapsed, vibrations detected by the device will be interpreted as movement and the Trace will send a New Movement Alert. This alert can be sent to as many as 10 contacts and includes the last known location of the device. Once a New Movement Alert has been sent, tracking will resume at the pre-defined Tracking Interval selected in the Device Settings page of My Account. Tracking will continue until the device is stationary for 5 minutes, at which time the Suspended Tracking Mode will become active and a Stop Message will be sent at the time of the next Tracking Interval. To configure New Movement Alerts: Login to your SPOT Account. From the My Devices page, click View/Edit of the device you wish to configure Select Movement Alerts from the device settings column Select Enable The change to the setting will automatically be saved. Configure Movement Alert Rate The default setting is 30 minutes and will be suitable for most applications You can select either 30 minutes (default) or 12 hours for the time or period that the unit must be at rest in order to receive a Movement Alert once Trace has detected movement. When the Trace has been at rest longer than the selected time period and the asset moves, the first track message and an alert that the asset has moved will be sent to the text/email destination selected during account setup. If you would like to temporarily cease New Movement notifications, without performing a firmware update, you may choose to Keep the feature active, but temporarily suspend messages. You may customize the message to send – useful for accounts tracking multiple assets You may also configure your contact list. Your changes to Movement Alert settings will automatically be saved. Making changes to your device settings will require the synchronization of your device with your SPOT account. To update or sync the SPOT Trace the SPOT Device Updater software is required. At this time, only Windows and Mac operating systems are supported. Common Questions and Issues My device is not sending New Movement Alerts after being moved. Ensure your device has an unobstructed view of the sky with the SPOT logo facing up. Low batteries can prevent message delivery, please check for Low Battery Alerts in My Account- My Locations (as well as all the way to the right of your locations listed in My Locations where a battery icon will indicate low power). My Locations shows a message was sent but I did not receive the message. Use My Devices- Device Settings- New Movement Alerts to check if the contacts are listed correctly. Check Email and SMS contacts for accuracy and use the Save option found under the contacts list. Ensure that the check box for temporary suspension of movement alerts is not checked. ...

How do I configure Status Messages?

The SPOT Trace offers a daily Status Message feature. This feature will send a daily alert to let you know your asset is secure. The daily alert, with GPS coordinates, is sent every 24 hours. The Trace will send the Status Message based on the time of day when the unit was most recently powered on. The Status Message feature is disabled by default unless otherwise changed during account setup or device activation. To enable the Status Message feature, please follow the steps below: Login to your account. From the My Devices page, click View/Edit to access the Device Settings. Click on Status Message. Click Enable. Configure your outbound message and contact list with whom will receive the notification. Your changes will automatically be saved. Perform a Firmware Update to synchronize your Trace with the Device Settings in your SPOT account. Common Issues I’m not receiving my Status Messages The SPOT Trace requires a line of sight to the two satellite arrays that it communicates with. If your asset is indoors, located in an environment that has obstructions to the view of the sky, or is oriented in a position that directs the internal antenna away from the sky, you may experience missing status messages. Your batteries may need to be replaced. Change the time you receive the Status Message To change the time you receive the daily Status Message: Unscrew the four enclosure screws Separate the two halves for 60 seconds Recombine the two halves and install screws The time you turn on your device will determine when you receive your Status Message ...

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