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Can I send a message to indicate that I have started tracking?

Yes! You may send a Check In or Custom message from your device to notify your contacts that you have enabled tracking mode. We recommend communicating with your contacts prior to leaving for your adventure to let them know that they may be receiving messages from your SPOT messenger or an email containing a Shared View link that will display your location information. Your tracking information may be viewed from the SPOT Mapping platform, a Shared View, and/or the SPOT app. Please note, tracking mode does not send messages to contacts. Tracking mode records your location by sending a transmission with your GPS coordinates at a regular interval. Tracking intervals may be configured from your SPOT account....

How do I configure my SPOT Gen4 contacts?

The SPOT Gen4 can send Check-in, Custom, and Help messages each with up to 10 preconfigured contacts. Each message may contain a max of 110 characters (including spaces). To configure the contacts of your SPOT Gen4: Login to your SPOT account and go to My Devices . Click V iew/Edit for the device you want to configure. Scroll down to the Message Profiles section, then select the message type you want to configure. In the Message to Send field, enter the message your contacts will receive. After entering your message, you may add contacts who will receive your message. Select Add Email and/or Add Mobile Number to. You may enter up to 10 contacts. Select one and enter the appropriate information. For more information on configuring mobile contacts, please click here . When you have completed configuring your message and contact list, please click Save. ...

SPOT Gen4 and SMS Messaging

The SPOT Gen4 offers the option to send messages to mobile phones. Mobile contacts may be configured in your SPOT account by accessing your device settings, then viewing the configuration of your Check In, Custom, and/or Help messages. To configure a mobile contact for SMS delivery: From the device settings page of your device, select the message type from the Message Profiles section. For example, Check In. Select Add Mobile Number . Select the Wireless Carrier of the mobile contact. Enter the 10-digit mobile phone number, then click OK You will notice that the new contact will be displayed in your list. It will automatically be configured for use for the selected carrier’s SMS gateway. Please remember to verify the message sent and the rest of your contact. list. Click Save . Wireless carriers that are not listed may be configured by selecting -NOT LISTED- option in the wireless carrier field. This requires the mobile number and the correct domain for the carrier’s SMS gateway are entered. If an SMS gateway is not available or is not entered correctly, the message will NOT be routed to the mobile subscriber. Common Questions and Issues I do not know the wireless carrier for one or more of my mobile contacts We recommend contacting the individual to ensure that their mobile contact information is configured correctly in your message profile. The wireless carrier for one or more of my contacts is not listed. Please be aware that SMS gateway services are not offered by every wireless carrier. We recommend inquiring with the service provider for availability of their SMS gateway. I’m not receiving SMS messages, but I’ve configured my mobile number correctly Please ensure that there are no settings or third-party applications that are preventing delivery to your mobile device. Check your wireless account settings to ensure that messages that are sent to your device, via the SMS gateway, are not blocked. Ensure that your device has sufficient cellular coverage to receive SMS messages. If you still require support, please contact SPOT Customer Relations for assistance. ...

Using Message Profiles with your SPOT

Whether you’re using your SPOT device for multiple activities or sharing your device with a family member or colleague, the easiest way to share your device with considering to your messaging configuration is to use message profiles. Message profiles allow you to change your configured messages, contacts, and SOS contact info based on either who is using your device or your activity. Please login to your SPOT account Select View/Edit for the device you wish to configure Scroll down the page to Message Profiles , then select Active Message Profile The default message profile is named ‘default’ Create a Message Profile You may create a new message profile by selecting Create New Profile , entering the name of the profile, then select Save . Copy a Message Profile You may duplicate a message profile to make minor adjustments to your existing message profile. Select Duplicate Profile . A new message profile will appear that is a copy of your active message profile. The duplicated profile will have the same name and will have a number at the end to signify that it is a duplicate. For example, Default(1). Delete a Message Profile To delete a message profile, ensure that it is not the active message profile by assigning an active profile to another profile. Then, select Delete to remove the chosen profile. Selecting the Active Message Profile To assign a different message profile, click Assign on the profile you wish to use. The active profile icon, a yellow circle with a black checkmark, will be to the left of your active message profile. We strongly recommend checking your contacts and messages, including your SOS emergency contacts, before logging out and going on an adventure. Common Issues I cannot create a new message profile If you are attempting to name a new message profile, but a profile already exists with the same name, a new profile will not be created. Please try a unique message profile name. I cannot make changes to my message profiles Please refresh your session by logging out of your account, logging back in, and making a change. Should you continue to experience difficulty updating your message profile, contacts, or messages, please contact Customer Relations. ...

What is Dock Mode?

Dock Mode is designed for customers who purchase a SPOT Gen4 for asset monitoring a vessel that is primarily stored on the water. Dock Mode changes the way your SPOT determines new movement from motion activated to distance travelled, to accommodate for the constant movement of a vessel on the water. When multiple track points with similar GPS coordinates are detected, tracking will go into standby mode. While in standby mode SPOT will not send track messages, but it will continue to attain your GPS coordinates at the same rate as your track mode. Once SPOT has determined movement over a 200m distance, tracking will resume normally. For Dock Mode to be active, your SPOT Gen4 must be in Track Mode. You will need to update your device settings for Dock Mode to take effect. To learn how to update your device settings click here . ...

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