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August 24, 2020
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How do I Share my locations with others?

In the SPOT Map page, click on the Add Item icon and select Add Shared View. Complete the required fields and click on the Create Shared View button when done. Verify all the Setting tabs were completed and don’t forget to send the Shared View page to your friends and family....

Why isn't SPOT Maps opening when selecting "Maps" from My Account?

Your pop-up blocker must be disabled in your browser in order for SPOT Maps to open when selecting "Maps" from My Account....

How do I send or share the Shared View page with my family and friends?

Once you create a Shared View page, you can share it with family and friends. Click on the Manage icon and select List under the Share Views window or click on Shared Views under the options panel. Select the Share View page and click on the Share link and choose the desired Share option (email, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn). You can also choose to copy the link by clicking on the Copy Link icon and share the link....

Define the icons

Panel View - Extends the sidebar to display the Panel view Live Mode - Displays the positions in near real-time as your device(s) report History Mode - Allows you to customize how the SPOT archived data is viewed Geofences – Create virtual geographic boundaries around an area and trigger an alert when SPOT devices enters or exits a predefined area Places - Displays all enabled/visible places. Users can also manage and edit created Places Journeys - Displays all enabled Journeys and their Trip segments Add Item - Create any reference point, or component of the map Manage - Control the organizational aspects of the platform, as well as pre-determined messaging, operator forms, and templates Config - Manage your SPOT Mapping user experience. Allows for customization and standardization of the map to suit your needs Reports - Run and view detailed reports Main Gear icon – Displays the changes made to all Assets in the group Asset Gear icon - Displays the changes made to a specific Asset Contacts - Adding a Contact will enable additional alert or message types to be sent when certain conditions are met Alerts - SPOT device alerts include Help and SOS (shows as red). Custom alerts from the SPOT Map (shows as orange) Positions - Messages with a GPS location that appears on the map Events – All SPOT Data is displayed Status - Low Battery/Powered On/Powered Off and New Movement (Moving Started/Moving Stopped) Chat – Messages from Spot X and Gen 3 Custom Messages Navigate Messages – All SPOT Messages will be displayed here (Later version) ...

Do I have to add a Contact in both the SPOT Map site and on My Devices?

No, Contacts created in your My Devices page will still receive your messages. The SPOT Map allows for additional alert or message types to be used to communicate with your contacts....
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