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How do I change my username and password?

Change your SPOT account username : Login to your SPOT account Select Settings& Billing In the general column, under Username Settings , click Update Enter your new username, confirm the username entered, then click Save Note: Your username is not case sensitive, must be unique, and have a minimum of 5 characters Change your SPOT account password : Login to your SPOT account Select Settings& Billing In the general column, under Password Settings , click Update Enter your old password, then your new password, confirm your new password, then click Save Note: Your password is case sensitive and must have a minimum of 6 characters Common Issues Username is already in use Your new SPOT account username must not already be in use. Please attempt with a different username. Username and confirm username are not the same This error is displayed when the username you are changing cannot be confirmed in the confirm username field. This confirmation is present to avoid changing your username to an unintended username. Password entered is invalid To change the password to your SPOT account the current password is required. If your password is saved in your web browser, we suggest looking into your password settings. Otherwise, we recommend contacting SPOT Customer Relations to assist with your account access. Password and confirm password are not the same This error is displayed when your new password cannot be confirmed. This confirmation is present to avoid the possibility of getting locked out of your SPOT account. I can’t login to my SPOT account. I've been locked out. Help! If you are not able to login to your SPOT account or the account has been locked, please contact SPOT Customer Relations for assistance. ...

How do I update my contact information?

To update the contact information associated with your SPOT account: Login to your SPOT account. Select Settings& Billing. In the billing column, under Customer Information , click View/Edit. Enter your payment information and the billing address, then select Save. Common Issues Error displayed when trying to save changes This error may be displayed when a new address cannot be verified. Please check the information and try again. Should you continue to receive this error, please contact Customer Service for support. If you are attempting to save an address that was recently constructed the address may not be accepted by our verification system. Please contact Customer Service for support ...

Using the SPOT App

The SPOT App: A great way to view your SPOT activity is to use the SPOT app! The SPOT app is available on iOS (8.1 or later) and android (2.3.3 or later). For information on the SPOT app click here . After installing the SPOT app on your phone, you will have access to your SPOT activity as you would on the My Locations page of your SPOT account. Please note: The SPOT app supports the HUG, Communicator, Connect, SPOT Trace, SPOT Personal Tracker, SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger, and SPOT Gen3. The SPOT-X is not currently supported. View the most recent location on the map: Select the magnifying glass icon Date, time, and message information will be displayed in the map at the location where the message was sent You may select the > icon to view additional information such as the latitude and longitude View your messages in a list: Select the list icon ( 4 horizontal lines ) at the bottom of the screen. Messages are displayed in condescending order, from newest to oldest messages. You may select the > icon on a message to view additional information Selecting the map will switch the SPOT app back to the map to display the location View your messaging activity from the map view: Select the globe icon to view your SPOT activity plotted on the map Common Issues The SPOT app is no longer updating to show my latest SPOT messages Ensure that you are connected to a broadband connection (wi-fi) or cellular network. Please logout of the SPOT app and log back in. If your SPOT messaging activity is still not showing the latest activity, please move to the next step. Please uninstall the SPOT app, your phone/tablet off, then turn it back on. Reinstall the SPOT app and login to your account. Please note, uninstalling the app will erase the stored SPOT messages that are available on your phone. I can't login to the SPOT app Please verify that you are able to login to SPOT web site and you are using the same credentials. Note that your password is case-sensitive Ensure that there are no extra spaces in the username or password field before logging in Try temporarily changing your password to a numeric value (i.e. 123456) to confirm there is no issue with alpha casing. ...

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L'assistance par téléphone est disponible du lundi au vendredi, 8h-17h HNE.

Veuillez avoir votre NIP quand vous appelez.

La confirmation du NIP n'est pas possible par la voix. Veuillez insérer votre NIP sur le clavier de votre téléphone.

Votre code d'identification personnel NIP, est disponible dans l'onglet « RÉSUMÉ DU COMPTE », quand vous ouvrez une session dans votre compte SPOT « Mon Compte »

1 (866) 651-7768

1 (985) 327-7511