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Winter Alpine Hiking in Victoria, Australia. Harrietville to Falls Creek
by nickandkathryn
Australia Victoria Harrietville
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Starting Friday morning, hiking the NorthWest spur of Mt Feathertop up to MUMC hut (kindly made available for public use). 6.5km but expect it to take 6 hrs. It is a relentless climb, and involves either a creek/river crossing or a log walk after around 2km.

Saturday, continue 2-3km up to Mt Feathertop summit (1819m), then south onto the Razorback (3km).  Turning East down Diamantina spur (with notorious steep section) (4km) all the way to the valley floor (1089m). 

Then move South along the West Kiewa logging road (closed in winter, but unlikely to be snow covered ).

After 3km, turn East again climbing Westons spur, to Westons Hut (rebuilt 2010).  Continue past and on to the High Plains.

Continue East / NE around the head of the Jaimathangs valley, before turning North following the trail or poles to Tawonga huts.

This day is long and tiring.  It took us 11hrs, with a 30 minute lunch stop in the valley.

Sunday leave Tawonga huts, move SE then East back up to the high plains and NE to Falls creek ski resort.  

High winds are common on the high plains, and we encountererd wind speeds of around 90kph, as recorded by the resort weather stations each side of the high plains.

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