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9000 Mile Helicopter Delievery Trip from Tanzania to the UK
by milobrockway
Tanzania Dar es Salaam Dar es Salaam
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My Adventure Story

We've been tasked by the company to take 2 x AW139 Helicopters from Dar Es Salaam back to Aberdeen (UK)! As background to the long and protracted route (15 days!) displayed, as an American registered company, we had to be careful which countries we visited for security and safety reasons. We could have got to the UK in 8 days going north, but countries like Somalia, Yemen and Eritrea had to be avoided because of conflict. There are countries directly to the west like Democratic Republic of Congo that presented us with many issues like security, altitude and refuelling location restrictions. Other countries to the north like Egypt and Ethiopia had altitude restrictions too - sadly we can't fly anywhere near the altitudes that an airliner can! Finally, with limited numbers of suitable refuelling locations, we set a maximum navigation leg limit of 375 nautical miles and came up with the route displayed below. We're due to depart on Monday. First night stop is Ndola in Zambia. Let the adventure begin!

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