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Horsing Around Aotearoa
by horsing around aotearoa
New Zealand Hawke's Bay Hastings
Horseback Riding
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Horsing Around Aotearoa is a mission to be the first team to ride around New Zealand, by following the coastline, on horseback and without a support crew. We left Hawkes Bay in November 2014. The time frame for our journey has to be flexible to allow for the needs of the horses but we estimate it will take up to two years to complete the ride.

We are Larissa Mueller, 28, and Kendall Waugh, 25. Neither of us grew up around horses but we both always had an interest in them. We are doing this trek because it is something we have both wanted to do since we were young. We bought our first horse after deciding to attempt this challenge three years ago and have been on a steep learning curve ever since. We have trained our own horses for this journey with the advice of local horse trainers (and a lot of books!).

Our team consists of:
China – Bay 6 year old Clydesdale x Stationbred gelding
Sprite – Grey 6 year old Stationbred mare

Our goal is to raise awareness and donations for our chosen charity, Leg-Up Trust. Leg-Up Trust helps disadvantaged youth with social, behavioural or emotional problems by teaching them leadership, love and language through working and communicating with horses. These young people have often suffered abuse, are at risk of suicide or are young offenders. They are given a second chance in life and develop increased confidence, life skills and learn to communicate in a positive way. Leg-Up provides strong and clear boundaries so that the young people develop a sense of right and wrong and learn to focus on positive attributes. There is no room for political correctness – they are considered ‘old-fashioned by some – but the children are all nurtured and unconditionally loved.  We have seen this in action whilst volunteering at Leg-Up Trust. Funding is crucial to keep the trust in existence so they can help these children and young adults. The trust does not receive any government funding and every dollar is raised through individual donations and community funding. Our target is to raise $20,000 for the wonderful team at Leg-Up Trust and raise as much awareness of their work as possible.

We are completely self funded and all the money we raise goes straight to Leg-Up Trust. Our budget is minimal, allowing only for the basics needed to complete this trek. We have bought secondhand saddles and tack, and made other items such as our saddle bags.

We have started this page so we can share our journey with friends, family and anyone interested in our mission. Please have a look around our website to learn more about our adventure. If you can spare some change please consider donating to Leg-Up Trust. They are grateful for every cent.

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