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regular kind of month
by grrrumble
United States Florida Titusville
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My Adventure Story

I am starting out this at Kennedy space center near titusville florida .

Television has been sending out gruesome product signal for quite sometime. I work long hours and go far for longtimes and I am poor near broke. I want my story out more than worldwide , yes more than worldwide. There is poor people used , they are kept poor for more uses , rewards are survival money only. We have nothing and must show up to serve. Freedom is there for sure but where will you go after being uppity? My money is stolen by Canadian government. It goes that high up the ladder. Enjoy this regular month

 Update - 3 weeks into this tracking , my income tax returns money that I claimed stolen by the Canadian government was returned without apology. This is from years 10 or more years. Years of being told bad credit risk so no loans or apartment or insurance or car payment. They hand back mine , walk away like nothing happened , nothing to see here. If they do this to a Rothschild or Rockefeller or the Queen of England they might get to just walk away. A trump or Clinton or a Banker would likely get a settlement amount greater than owed as apology.

Update 2 - Just denied for 5000 loan . Cashed paycheck in for 2800 something close to that. Denied as a credit risk credit history problems, yet again . Also collections is making another attempt to steal from the bank my money , a call recording claiming to be CIBC behalf came in May 24 ,2014. It is theft over and reported should it happen. 

Recap - This began at Kennedy Space center the day of the blood moon . It ends at the same place Kennedy Space center under a full moon. 

I had been delivering to the Miami port a donated ambulance from Canada to a south America hospital.

I flew to Roanoke Virginia and got a 2015 New Volvo to deliver to toronto area.

I took a show truck international to riviere-du loupe then a bus back to Sainte foy Quebec. I picked up a new Mack and brought that to edmonton Alberta. Then I flew to Charlotte north Carolina and picked up a new street sweeper that I drove to Fredericton. I then flew to Halifax nova scotia and bused to turo nova scotia to pick up a used Volvo to toronto area. 

I flew to Allentown Pennsylvania then got a new Mack Titan and drove that to lloydminster Saskatchewan. I bused to edmonton and flew to toronto. 

I drove a small dump truck from toronto to the port of Miami. I bused and trained to fort Lauderdale and picked up a Mercedes Benz glk 350 to bring to toronto area. 

 26,858.61 miles ?


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