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San Diego to Cabo: BajaMotocation
by DanDiego

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San Diego to Cabo and return FAST


On Baja’s Highway 1, travelers are warned that everything happens 300 meters ahead: vados (dips), construction, curvas peligrosas (dangerous curves) or the ubiquitous topes (speed bumps). Going from 70 MPH to 25—often—makes me thing that the engineers who designed and built these roads were either crazy or evil.  There is no consistency throughout the 1,000-mile ride, unless you count the livestock and construction. 


And the crosses.  Oh, the many, many crosses.  You can easily see how the accident went down by looking at the tire marks, the twisted roadside barriers and the ever-present memorials…usually in the midst of vehicle fragments and pieces of clothing.  That should be warning enough for drivers to slow down on a highway where the average speed limit is about 45 MPH.


The ride was a last minute thing. All pavement—or so the leader claimed—2 days to Cabo and 2 days back.  I took my trusty KLR and left Rosarito on Thanksgiving Day with 4 others (KLR, FZ1, Buell Ulysses, DRZ).


The guys are all super moto riders and treated Baja's Highway 1 like a track day. Pretty hot pace...


We lost a rider right before San Vicente (KM82 ish). He went wide and rag dolled. The bike sustained the usual damage but could be ridden from the scene.  The rider was shaken up a bit. His gear did its job. The clinic in San Vicente patched him up and the local chota put him on a bus north at noon (arrived in San Ysidro @ midnight). The local cops were "really helpful." More on that later.


Because of the set-back, we didn't make Santa Rosalia that day but stayed in Guerrero Negro instead—about 450 miles.


We made Cabo San Lucas the next day and spent a day and night there living like locals. Great little town for those of you who haven’t been there.


We left on December 1st for as far north as we could ride; ended up in Guerrero Negro again—about 630 miles.


We left as a group at 4:15 am.  Right before Ciudad Insurgentes, I had a front flat at 70+ MPH and had to fix it on the  roadside.  I tinkered with the tire while the three of them took the "bad" road north. After I got going, I headed to Loreto on the 1.


Two of the guys beat their bikes up a bit (DRZ and Buell) as well as themselves (purple, swollen wrist, bruised ribs, etc.). Street bikes (supermoto) just aren't made for baby head boulders and deep sand. They were able to ride back so it wasn't too bad. One went to urgent care when he crossed back over and confirmed that he did have a broken wrist.


I made El Rosario in record time, then trucked it up to TJ and made the border by 1pm after tacos in Ensenada.


The KLR did really well, though it's just not made for sustained 80-85 MPH riding. At least not by me. In Baja.


Whew! Back to work...


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