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Fiji to Vanuatu August 2012
by WayneHodgins

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The major refit of the good ship Learntaivity is all done and time to head out to sea again finally.  I'll be checking out of Fiji in the morning (Aug 14, 2012) at the Customs wharf in Lautoka on the far west side of Fiji and then making the passage over to Aneityum island (aka Anatom) which is the southernmost island of the Vanuatu archipelago.  Should be about 450nm and take about 4 days.  

With sailing as in life I don't have plans, just intentions so never sure just where I'll go and all the more reason to use this means of keeping track.  Ribht now my intentions are to head north and make my way through the various islands of Vanuatu until about the beginning of October when I would need to head NNE to get on the other side of the equator before cyclone season starts down here and I'll sail up to the Marshall Islands as I think I'll leave LTY moored there and fly back to Canada and the USA for November & December to visit family and friends.  Then it will be back to Learnativity at the end of December which is the perfect time to start sailing west through the outer Marshall islands and Micronesia.  Only time and my SPOT GPS updates will tell!

Thought I would give this new SPOT Adventures option a try to help those who would like to come along for the journey and be able to track my progress and locations more visually.  If you try this out please do let me know via Email, FB, Twitter or on the LTY blog how well this works for you or not?  Would you like me to continue to use this?  How to improve?  All feedback gratefully solicited and received.



Wayne & Ruby the Wonderdog,

aboard the good ship Learnativity

currently in Vuda Point Marina, Fiji
17 36.061 S, 177 26.442 E 


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