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Climbing Blackcomb Buttress
by ronialex
Canada British Columbia Whistler
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My Adventure Story

 Roni and I  scrambled up the Blackcomb Buttress on Saturday 31 July.
The forecast was for a warm sunny day, so we dressed up accordingly and thoughtfully checked our sun screen supply.

The trip is described in the Alpine Select guidebook and our intentions were to make it in a day with the help of the lifts.

The first Gondola leaves Whistler village at 10:00am and we were definitely aiming for it. The problem was that few days prior our car broke and the bus from Squamish arrives in Whistler at 10:40am. We were a bit disappointed by that, but still had no idea how this short delay will make this outing incredibly adveturous.

The day started with nearly missing the bus.
It came full from Vancouver and had only one available seat. The driver was nice enough though, to offer me the floor till the next stop.

 Nothing special happened on the way to Whistler, so around 11:00am we were on the Gondola to the Round House. From there we took the Peak to Peak and then, at fast pace, straight to Blackcomb Lake.

The weather was hot and clear with haze covering only the top of the mountains. The trails were busy with hikers. 
It was a typical resort town experience, which brings with itself the false sense of safety.

Once we've reached the Lake we put on our harnesses and gators, and switched on the SPOT. 

To be continued...

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