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Snow Shenanigans in Spring Creek
by Stovebolt
United States Idaho Darby
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Stovebolt, Revpilot, Outlaw, Andy, Travis and Jarred - Team Ruptured Buzzard shreds the pow in the Tetons. A bluebird day spent tracking up fresh powder in the meadows at Spring Creek, but we stayed off of Motorcycle Hill and out of the Bowls. Avy conditions were severe, rated HIGH, and many natural releases were visible in the Jed Smith from our various vantage points looking East, North and South from Spring Creek. Small and humoungous slabs could be seen on all slope aspects throughout the day - great conditons to go boondocking and meadow cruising, and stay off the slopes.

We had two breakdowns on the same sled, but repairs were made on the hill and everybody got home under their own power. (Travis mechanical prowess saving his own bacon - he's rebuilt his entire sled himself, so he was handy to have around - popping the side case off the Polaris he was riding, 2x, in order to repair a failing recoil starter - and got it handled before it took out his flywheel, water and oil pumps. He's a very good wrench!)

REVPILOT ran his SkiDoo sans nitrous today, as he couldn't find any before loading up. He does okay without NOS, trust me.... he just likes to pull the trigger on that carbureted high horsepower nightmare...

OUTLAW was in fine form in his turbocharged, NOS injected Dragon, as usual, and he shared videography duties with his brother, REVPILOT, alternating turns running his POV. Look for footage on Youtube..... or don't.

Andy runs his sled like a maniac, only in a good way. He's a very skilled rider. No bluebirds were destroyed in the creation of his sledding day on the West side of the Tetons. Good to see you Andy!

Andy brought a friend, Jarred, and Jarred rode a Polaris well throughout the day, and had that thing porpoising in and out of drifts and tree wells under sunny skies. Nice to meet you Jarred!

Lastly, STOVEBOLT kept his fuel-injected suicide machine cruising like the old man that he is, and enjoyed a very fine day of meadow splashing through decent lean-season pow. A year nearly to the day from last season's snapped ankle ride in Montana, when his season was over by January 10th, today was a nice start to the 2010 riding year. More turns to come.

Thanks for the ride guys....

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