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2009 Legends of the Fall, Pre-Halloween Havoc Dual Sport Ride For No Whimps Tandem Bike Rally
by Stovebolt
United States Nevada Great Basin
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My Adventure Story

2009 LEGENDS of The FALL Pre-Halloween Havoc, Dual Sport Ride For No Whimps Tandem Bike Rally is in the can; Keith and I returned yesterday from 6 days out on the dusty trail.

Page 3 from my Garmin 60 CSX data reads as follows:

trip odometer:        1134 miles
moving time:           24 hours 07 minutes
moving avg speed:    47.0 mph
max speed:              88.2 mph
max elevation:         8438 feet asl
total ascent:           51,783 feet

Stats above is for on-bike time only, not for entire SPOTcast which included truck time out of Jackson Hole and wandering around SE Idaho getting lost in the car on the way to rally point in Snowville, Utah. Sheeesh....

On Bike

Day 1 - Snowville, Utah to Bonneville Salt Flats
Day 2 - Bonneville Salt Flats to Great Basin NP
Day 3 - Great Basin NP to Area 51 (Mt. Irish)
Day 4 - Mt. Irish to Ruby Lake NWR
Day 5 - Ruby Lake NWR to Snowville

We rode through the Promontory in Northern Utah, past where the Golden Spike was supposed to be nailed, joining the East and the West via railroad. Through the desert under threatening skies and gusty winds, we rode South along the Nevada/Utah border, on the outskirts of restricted territory to the West of Hill Air force Base and the Dugway Proving Grounds. F-16 Fighting Falcons toured the airspace overhead as we pushed through sand washes and watched snow verga falling in our path.

Keith and I wandered down through Gold Hill on the Pony Express Trail, but no Indians tried to get us on our way to Callao, Utah. A dust devil found us between Partoun and Gandy and spun both bikes traveling at 75mph, but it didn't throw either of us to the ground. A handy outcome when you're out in between Partoun and Gandy, Utah....

Silt beds were occasional rascals everywhere, with many of them having little puppy heads rolling around underneath 4-8 inches of fine white talc., which made for explosive moments of blindness and varying degrees of confusion for the front wheels of our desert mounts!

We ran West on Coyote Crossing and Deadman's Crossing through a valley heading South toward Highway 93, on our way to Ash Springs, Nevada, and on to Mt. Irish to sleep under starry skies next to Area 51. Navigating the enormous desolation of the valleys abandoned by all but God, we turned onto a Northward leg in time to see more lizards, tumbleweeds and sage brush - as far as the eye could see for hours on end. We managed to find our way through a maze of washes on the way to the Ruby Mountains - Jake's Wash and of course, a Deadman's Wash.

There were wild turkeys, coyotes, lizards, snakes, eagles, hawks and Saw Whet owls...... a few floating satellites adrift in the Milky Way, and much great silence out in the Big Empty. So vast, so spartan, so austere and beautiful. Must return again, and again. Thanks for the ride, Keith.

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