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A windy day above Honister Pass
by baz196
United Kingdom cumbria honister
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Well this turned out to be an interesting two and a half day trekking expedition.
We left Buttermere YHA and headed up towards Robinson and our intention was to summit Robinson, Hindscarth and Dale Head. Tony one of my walking buddies was quite slow so we ditched Hindscarth and headed straight for Dale Head.
The weather was dry but very, very windy. We were experiencing gale force winds!
We came off of Dale Head down to Honister pass and we decided to wild camp above the quarry. All went well until the rains started at about midnight and by 0330 hours we were under 5 inches of water.
We moved the tent to higher ground which although got us out of the water we were exposed to the severe wind. We could hardly see a foot infront of our faces due to the low cloud.
An hour later tent was pitched, Tony was out of his wet thermal trousers and we were sitting in the tent waiting for dawn. My tent is a 20 year old Wild Country Quasar which took a severe beating that night from the elements! She held up to the onslaught until we came to strike camp when one of the poles snapped. Gutted!
So we had no option but to bug out and walk home. Tony I think was relieved as he wasn't coping too well with the winter expeditioning. His spare clothers were wet along with his sleeping bag! He reminded me of the cartoon character 'Bender' in Futurama.
I really enjoyed the experience and so did Becky. Becky is ever the optimist and is always laughing at something or other so her positive spirits made up for Tony's misfortunes.
Roll on the next one!
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Bill6326 2012-03-04
good pictures and story

baz196 2012-01-06
Thanks Mike!

Mikecyclone 2012-01-05
Great pictures

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