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July 17, 2011
by Imprezzed
United States Virginia Stephens City
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My Adventure Story

Just a little Sunday ride a friend and I did.  Left the house (late) at 515, and began to play catch up with my friend who had left at 4.  250 miles and 4.5 hours later, I caught up on the Virginia side of the 301 bridge.  From there we rode to Solomans Island, where we stopped for coffee.  We then went north to find some lunch, and ended up at Hemingway's on the Eastern side of the Chesapeake Bridge.  Pricey, but good food.  I will be back there later.

We headed west through DC, and along the Maryland side of the Potomac, before taking White's Ferry back into Virginia and to home.

491 miles, and 12 hours later I was back at home.  Great day of riding!
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