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Ultimate Descent/Everest To The Sea
by BabuSunuwar
Nepal Eastern Region
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My Adventure Story

            ***EXPEDITION COMPLETE 27/06/2011 SUMMIT TO SEA*** 

      Nepals own tandem pilot, and expert kayaker Sanubabu Sunuwar, accompanied by expert Climber Lakpa Tsheri Sherpa , have begun what they call The Ultimate Descent. First climbing the worlds highest Mountain, Everest. The two then took to tandem Paraglider and flew off the top of the world. Circling over the summit of Everest they continued to fly cross-country on a 5000m descent down to Namche Bazaar. From here they will continue to hike and fly untill they reach the base of the Himalayas and the Koshi River. At this point they will be joined by fellow kayaker Krishna Sunuwar, and begin the kayaking portion of the trip. Starting at the Koshi river they will be traversing more then 500km of water ways. Ranging from class 5rapids to the calm still waters of the lower Ganges. Paddeling till they reach the salty sea currents of The Bay of Bengal. Where the river from the mountain meets the sea.  
Thus making one incredible Ultimate Descent....... 
                             Summit to the Sea

(we lost a few days of flight, due to remote locations, and loss of battery)
(lost a few more days on the river but we r back on track, i believe our adventures will have quite an amazing story tell when they finsh)

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