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Kayaking to Sejerø, Denmark
by beda_ch
Denmark Region Zealand Kalundborg
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Sejler med kajakker fra Saltbaek til Sejerø
Afstand: 54 km
Tid: 9 time i 2 dag
Passage: 20 km / 12 km
Sejle af syne kun med clart vejret, vi sejlered med kompas
Med 30 km/h vind, bølgerne er 1.5 meter høj
Der har nogle faerger, mange fugle, og et plombe hvad fult us for 1 km.

Kayaking from Saltbaek to Sejerø and back in two days.
Distance: 29 miles
Time: 9 hours in 2 days
Crossings: 11 miles / 7 miles
Navigation by view only by clear sky possible, we had to use the kompass for the most time.
Waves can be 5 feet high by 17 knots wind
On the island of Sejerø on can camp almost every where
There is some ferry traffic, but only slow boats.
Had a lot of birds on the water, and for a half mile a seal swam with us
North of the saltbaek vig, along the beach is a wildlife refuge, its forbidden to go on land or to paddle nearer then 300 feet to shore
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