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by mattlamb
Canada British Columbia Sooke
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My Adventure Story

Mary and Matts adventures  from home!
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mattlamb 2012-02-25
Feb 25th- phew , west coast - south coast, Cape Arid beach drive!-Nullabour, cross desert to Cober and on to Uluru ! a full Circle!!!

mattlamb 2012-01-12
Waiting for Cyclone Hiedi to arrive !

mattlamb 2011-12-02
Ya just finished Gibb River road, heading back a bit to the Bungles

mattlamb 2011-05-05
Mary flys to UK May 5th, matt continues to work on Houses and dig ditches... wants to be a surf bum.

mattlamb 2011-04-04
April, 4th, Map of places we went in last year or so, and where we are now !

mattlamb 2011-02-09
Feb 9th India, Jamingar-Gujarat-nice soft beds!

mattlamb 2011-01-11
Jan 10th 2011- we are in India- Udaipur-lovely lake city feels more like Europe!

mattlamb 2010-12-21
Present location xmas 2010 : India, N.West, Bundi.

mattlamb 2010-11-15
Nov 15th-2010- We are in India, Pushkar -huge camel festival is about to start!

mattlamb 2010-11-13
Just close the statistics graph by clicking on the X, top right. Zoom in !

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