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Breckenridge to Sequim Day 1
by Pete_Alex
United States Colorado Breckenridge
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My Adventure Story

Starting our trip back home, we started by taking rt 9 to 24. It was beautiful, lot's of aspens changing colors with the mountain, creeks, and rivers as their background. The skies were nice and clear, not much road construction to speak of today, just about 20 to 30 minute wait in Manitou Springs, CO. We made it to Monument, CO, in time for lunch with cousins Johnny and Julie. They took us to a very nice restaurant with an incredible view. After visiting and getting fed, we figure we better get back on the road, we head some head wind but it wasn’t too bad. Our goal was to get to Great Sand Dunes National Park, and camp out tonight, however we got tired of being on the interstate with all kinds of traffic, so we got off on rt50 in Pueblo and made it to Salida, CO. We did see a semi truck turned over along the road and it looked like nobody got hurt. We couldn’t figure out how the truck ended on it’s side, since the road conditions were very good and the road was also in good condition (oh well). In Salida, CO, we got gas and we found a nice motel with a Mexican restaurant next door, so we figure we try it; both turned out very good choices.

That's it for tonight, we'll see how far we make it tomorrow.

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