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Mountain Bike Nevada team WOW day 8
by wowadventure
United States Nevada Green Springs
Mountain biking
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It is nearly 500 miles from the western (NV/CA) state line to the eastern (NV/UT) state line. Starting in Genoa, NV, on Labor Day, Team WOW will average about 50 miles per day, cross 12 mountain ranges and gain over 27,500 feet in elevation in only 10 days. (That's close to the height of Mt Everest!) With minimal support, these 5 riders will be traversing some of Nevada's most rugged and isolated landscapes. This IS NOT along Hwy 50 and the "Loneliest Road in America". This route is much lonelier, more isolated and more scenic as it travels over a 10,000' pass, through 2 state parks and skirts by five remote wilderness areas. Mountain bikes were built for this kind or riding and Nevada offers some of the finest mountain terrain, weather conditions and trail systems anywhere in the U.S.

Crossing Nevada on Mountain Bike map

In 2008, Jason Susslin of Reno, pioneered this ride when he rode his mountain bike 470 miles from Genoa to Baker in 12 days. This was the first ever recorded crossing of Nevada on a mountain bike. He rode as a grassroots effort to raise donations for cancer research and he is doing it again this September. What is really significant about this crossing was that about 95% of it was on dirt, this can't be done in most other states. Something that Nevada can be proud of is the fact that this may arguably be the longest continuous off road route in any state in the contiguous U.S. This route is made possible because nearly 70% of Nevada is comprised of public(BLM)land. There is tremendous amount of open space in Nevada and this route highlights those areas where very few people ever venture. Thanks for following our adventure and supporting Nevada's students.

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