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Northern California Land Rover Club's 1st Annual Rubicon Trail Run
by NCLR026
United States California El Dorado County
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My Adventure Story

3 nights and 3 days on the world famous Rubicon Trail. 8 Land Rovers + our guide vehicle.

Wow!  What a trip through "the Crown Jewel of Four Wheeling" - the Rubicon Trail.

Finally caught-up with much needed rest/sleep, and back-log of work from being on vacation for this trip (Sept 17-20, 2009), and now can tell the story!

From inspiration to run this trial as a club for the first time last year, the planning first 9 months of this year, and finally reality last week, the Northen California Club Land Rover Club did it - our 1st Annual Club Run on the Rubicon completed.

And even though 3 trucks out of 9 trucks on this trip didn't finish the trail run, we are all winners and like Will, our club president, said (he was one of the 3 trucks who turned around and helped a badly damaged vehicle out of the trail), the return to Loon Lake was an adventure in itself and they got out safely period.

Overall, great trip, food, company, wheeling on tough terrains and challenges.  Lessons learned to be better prepared or improve on our next trip.  And our trail guide Tim, and co-trail leader Maureen were fantastic. 

Mechanical problems came up or stuck moments, of course resulting in delays and tense moments trying to get to our next camp site for much needed sleep, rest and food, and naturally the thoughts of "I should have done this" or "I could have done this better..." came up again and again; in the end the group pulled together in any situations; leadership and helping hands were abound.

Certainly hope to see a 2nd Annual and there after trips - allowing veterans and new NCLR members to experience this crown jewel trail.

Attached are several photos from my camera: first night, we camped near Loon Lake Spill Way, thru the Gate Keeper, Granite Bowl, climbed Walker Hill, swam in Spyder Lake, camp near Spyder Lake 2nd day, Little Sluice By-Pass (North End), Buck Island Lake, Big Sluice, camp at Rubicon Springs 3rd night, Cadillac Hill and final reached the Observation Point.

What an adventure on our Land Rovers!  Hope you enjoy the pictures (click the blank box below to activiate the slides) from our adventure. See you all next time.

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