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23rd day adventure to Estes Park Colorado
by BradentonBill
United States Colorado Estes Park
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My Adventure Story

June 27th

Today began the 23rd day of our trek from Bradenton to Estes Park Colorado.  Trouble began with the retractable steps on Lenny’s RV.  The problem is that they would not retract.  After a couple of hours of work of trying to make repairs Lenny was able to remove the motor and tie them tight.  He then went to the Home Depot and bought some plastic steps.  Very low tech, but it was very effective.  His back is improving; Lenny was crawling under the RV to do the work.

 We headed out on to the highway up through Boulder and back into the Rocky Mountains.  It was a short distance but was very slow going; it was all up hill.  We finally arrived and set up camp.  It was mid afternoon and time for lunch.  We took the cars into downtown Estes Park.  The downtown was full of Norwegians having a festival.  We widowed shopped before locating a Mexican Restaurant on a small fast moving river. It was a tough haul up the mountains so we relaxed with beer and Margareta’s.  Of course the food was great.  We spent the rest of the day shopping.  The town was very busy with loads of tourists.  We had great weather.  The sun was very warm and the air was nice and cool with a slight breeze.  It was a perfect day today. 

There were hundreds of bicyclists on the small and winding road up the mountain.  They are nuts, but I did well by not running any of them over.

It is about 7:30 PM now with plenty of sunlight left in the day, but Laura and I are beat!  We are going to relax and rest for the afternoon.  No party tonight.

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