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Kayak approx 1000 miles from Port Hardy, Vancouver Island to Muir Glacier, Alaska
by Big5kayakchallenge
Canada & USA British Columbia & Alaska
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The Big 5 Kayak Challenge team are currently on their fifth and final challenge.  Kayak 1000 miles from Port Hardy on Vancouver Island to Muir Glacier in Alaska.  This trip includes traveling along the famous inside passage route.  Camping in wild bear country along the way.   This challenge is scheduled for 30 days, the team will need to paddle around 35 miles per day.  This will require at least 9 hours per day in the kayak.  Depending on tides and winds, some days may require 15 hours of paddling to achieve the necessary distance and reach a suitable camping spot.  The team are raising money for the Muscular Help Foundation.  Please visit our website to make a donation or just to find out more on this and our previous challenges.
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WhewDog 2011-02-10
Nice trip! We are planning on cruising (with kayaks on board) from Gig Harbor, WA to Skagway in 2011. How did Butedale look?

schoeby 2009-06-24
Nice adventure trip. ****** Sweet photos.

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