Aug 31, 2009 SPOT News

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Personal Satellite Messaging Communicates When All Else Fails

SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger Offers Reliable Low-Cost, Location-based Communications Essential for Emergency Preparedness Safety Kits

MILPITAS, CA (August 31, 2009) – SPOT LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Globalstar, Inc. (NASDAQ: GSAT), reminds those living in Hurricane zones and other areas prone to natural disaster to equip their emergency preparedness kit with the SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger™. SPOT provides reliable, location-based satellite communications when traditional forms of communication such as land-line telephone and cellular services are not available.


Hurricanes and other disastrous weather conditions can wreak havoc on communication and utility infrastructures often leaving residents without power, internet, or traditional terrestrial-based communications. In these circumstances, SPOT remains fully operational because it uses 100% satellite technology, and is battery operated, durable and water-resistant.


The portable, hand-held SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger combines GPS and commercial satellite technology providing coverage far beyond that of cellular phones. SPOT simply transmits the user’s latitude and longitude coordinates and status message delivered via email or SMS text to personal contacts. In an emergency, SPOT can notify the GEOS International Emergency Response Center of one’s location and need for immediate help.


“SPOT provides essential communication from almost anywhere in the world which is especially important when living in areas susceptible to natural disasters like hurricanes, tornados or earthquakes,” said Brian Brawdy, outdoor and urban survival expert who has appeared on CNN, Fox, ABC and Good Morning America to share his expertise in emergency preparedness. “With the simple push of a button, I can let my loved ones in other states know that I’m alive and OK. If I need emergency assistance, I can summon rescue authorities to my location just as easy. The SPOT Messenger offers peace-of-mind in a seven ounce product which is why it’s the one piece of safety equipment that I purchased for my Mom to include in her own safety kit.”


SPOT features four function keys that transmit messages based on varying levels of need with the push of a button:


  • Check In lets contacts know where you are and that you are okay
  • Ask for Help sends a request for help with your location to friends or family or roadside assistance
  • Alert 9-1-1 notifies an emergency response center of your GPS location
  • Track Progress sends and saves your location and allows contacts to track your progress using Google Maps™


We are committed to providing reliable satellite communications messaging for our customers when they need it most,” said Jake Rembert, Vice President of Sales for SPOT LLC. “SPOT offers life-saving technology and provides users everyday features and services available at a fraction of the cost of other emergency devices.”


SPOT works nearly around the world including all of the continental United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe and Australia, portions of South America, Northern Africa and Northeastern and Southeast Asia, and hundreds or thousands of miles off-shore of these areas.


To learn more about disaster preparedness visit or visit NOAA Weather Service at to learn more about hurricane readiness. A complete biography on Brian Brawdy can be viewed at