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Liquid Fire
Liquid Fire Fishing

Liquid Fire Fishing uses SPOT Global Phone to stay connect with family and friends to keep them updated about their safety and progress.

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Liquid Fire Fishing

"Our SPOT GLOBAL PHONE has afforded us the ability to stay connected with family and friends to keep them updated about our safety and progress. During our offshore adventures, our SPOT GLOBAL PHONE has provided the means to give live interviews with clarity comparable to a normal cell phone call."
— Audrey Henderson

"Although it's a good idea to leave a "float plan" behind when going offshore, any tournament angler will tell you it is impossible to predict where you will have to go to find the fish. Inclement weather is also a major factor. With the addition of the SPOT TRACE to our boat, family and friends will be able to stay connected with our team's location while we are offshore. The Trace is much more than just a theft-tracking device."
— Mark Henderson

With over 11 years of competitive saltwater tournament fishing experience, the Liquid Fire Fishing Team from North Carolina's Crystal Coast has earned over one-half million dollars to date and traveled as far as 155 miles one-way to seek winning fish. They spend most of their time offshore fishing and participate in 15-20 tournaments annually.

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