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  1. Purchase a SPOT TRACE at an authorized retailer.
  2. Activate your device on a new service plan.
  3. Download and complete the rebate form or for faster processing, register your rebate at
  4. Once you have completed the rebate submission, mail in the original UPC code, proof of service activation and copy of sales receipt.
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Lockheed Martin Flight Service (LMFS) Integration


SPOT has partnered with Lockheed Martin Flight Service to provide automated position monitoring for VFR flights.


Using a SPOT GEN3® or SPOT TRACE®, you can now register your flight plan details (VFRs) with Lockheed Martin's Flight Services and use your SPOT My Account to activate the GPS position (tracking) reports to LMFS. The LMFS system keeps track of the aircraft and if the aircraft stops moving or stops sending position reports, an alarm is triggered immediately at LMFS. The aircraft's most recent GPS coordinates are forwarded to Search and Rescue (SAR) authorities, narrowing the search radius, providing faster SAR response.


The SPOT GEN3 also has an S.O.S button that can send an immediate distress message along with GPS position to GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Center, immediately initiating Search and Rescue operations.


The tracking is used in conjunction with:

  • Flight Plan Close Reminders to notify pilots that they haven't closed their flight plan by 20 minutes past their ETA
  • Surveillance-Enhanced Search and Rescue, allowing SE-SAR to initiate procedures when a VFR flight is overdue a the destination location by 30 minutes


For more detailed information regarding LMFS, please visit LMFS.




How it Works

Once activated and powered on, SPOT GEN3 and SPOT TRACE will acquire the aircraft's exact coordinates from the GPS network. The SPOT GEN3 and SPOT TRACE sends the device's GPS location to the Globalstar satellites. The satellites relay the message to the ground network using the Internet to route the message to the pilot, and/or friends and family's phone, computer, in addition to LMFS.


SPOT GEN3 and SPOT TRACE tracks the aircraft's movement in near-real time via Google Maps™ and LMFS. Because SPOT uses 100% satellite technology, it can communicate from some of the most remote locations around the world, when beyond traditional cellular coverage.


  GPS Forwarding Instructions

To enable GPS forwarding to LMFS you will need to complete following:

1. Go to LMFS and either login to existing account or set up a new account
2. On the menu bar select Account | Aircraft
3. Click on the Positioning Reporting Device Type drop-down arrow and select Globalstar
4. The following pop up will be displayed - Read and then click OK


5. In the Position Reporting Device ID field, enter the ESN of the unit (i.e. 0-2111111)
6. Click the Save button
7. Login to My Account at
8. Select the SPOT device you wish to register with LMFS
9. Select Third Party GPS Forwarding and enter LOCKHEED (all upper case) into the text-entry field


10. Click on Enable. All GPS data will now be forwarded to LMFS
11. To stop forwarding or temporarily disable forwarding click on Disable

LMFS Support Contact
For Website support, contact the Lockheed Martin Service Desk: To aid in answering your questions please provide the following information:
  • Username (email address)
  • Preferred method of contact (phone or email)
  • Date and time of the problem
  • Aircraft ID

To receive flight plan and weather briefing services from a Specialist, call LMFS: 800-WX-Brief (800-992-7433)

Website and Specialist support are available 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.