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To Solomons and back..
by Jimm30

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Once again we discovered the reliability of weather forecasts!  Having passed on making the overnight sail on the 13th given what little wind was forecast we motored into a head wind all the way from Annapolis to Solomons. Those who came down over night found 8-14kts and decent sailing. In any event, it was a good gathering at Solomons for the beginning of the Screwpile race week. The trip home by way of Harrise Creek (Dun Cove) was better with some good sailing from Knapps Narrows  to near Thomas Point before the wind died.

We can verify the shoaling at Knapps having spent severl minutes plowing the mud on the western side. Fortunately we managed to back off without the aid of a tow. This is the second time recently that I've 'touched bottom' there, earlier it was in the eastern channel. 

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