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Polish Aventure Bay City, MI
by poorboy
United States Michigan Atlanta
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My Adventure Story

Acting on a suggestion of a friend we decided to make a trip to Bay City, MI, for some Polish ( not the shoe shine kind) food. We decide to take the scenic route there. The weather was beautiful, sun shining and Temp's in the high 60's.
We were doing just fine until we got along side Lake Huron where the temps droped into the 50's. My wife who has a very small temperture comfort zone of  + or - one degree, began to shiver. I stopped and pluged in her electrics. Needless to say she all ready had the seat on blast furnace temperture.  At that point the ride again became tolorrable for her.
After moving more inland the temps begain to rise into the the 70's. Back into my wife's comfort zone.
Arriving in Bay City (the Garmin took us right to the restaurant). The restaurant in in the older section of the city but not a bad area. The food was very good and I higly recommend if you are ever in Bay City and have the need for Polish food, a stop at Krzysiak's, is worth the time.
After leaving the restaurant we took a more direct route home. The ride was pretty uneventful. We stoped for gas and turned on my wifes electrics, the temp had dropped one or two degrees. she was happy again. If she is happy, I am  happy.
Got home about 7:00 PM. A great ride.
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