Type & Send

Use the Type & Send feature to send custom SOS, Help and Check-in/OK messages.
Let Them Know More with Type & Send

Type & Send allows custom messages to be created from your SPOT device that are delivered over the satellite network to emergency personnel, your personal contacts, or selected social networks from virtually anywhere regardless of cellular service.

If you use SPOT Connect or the DeLorme PN-60w/SPOT Communicator, you can use the Type & Send feature for short messages you want to send, anytime, virtually anywhere. Every message carries your GPS location too! 

Use Type & Send to create custom messages:
  • Send up to 41 characters in a message
  • Messages will be sent directly to the contact groups you select via email or SMS
  • Post custom messages on Twitter, Facebook – and with the DeLorme PN-60w with SPOT Communicator, even post to
  • If you encounter problems, you can send SOS messages describing your situation
Type & Send Message Delivery
When you send a Type & Send Message, you are sending one message to a Contact Group. Whether you have one person or 50 people in that contact group, you are only charged for one message. In other words, you only get charged for each time you send a Type & Send message, not by how many people it gets delivered to. 

Configuring your SPOT Contacts
Configure your contacts and contact groups in your SPOT account. These are the people that receive your messages. New with the SPOT Connect application, is the ability to add or change contact information from within cellular or wi-fi range right from your smartphone. On the DeLorme device, an easy synch to the SPOT Communicator once you configure your contacts online is all that is needed to load your device with up-to-date contacts and groups. 

How Do I Get This?

1. Make sure you have a compatible device 
New SPOT Connect and Delorme Earthmate PN-60w with SPOT Communicator users get a free trial (5 messages) of Type & Send when the Basic Plan is activated. You can remain on an a la carte plan and pay as you use. You will be charged 50 cents per message. 

2Purchase a Bundle options for Type & Send
By purchasing a bundle you get a better per message rate.
  • 500 Message Bundle for $49.99
  • 100 Message Bundle for $29.99
3. Never run out – Auto Renew
If choosing a bundle, you will also have the option to have the bundle auto renew. This bundle will only auto renew when your account runs out of messages. There is a 10-message buffer, so you never run out of messages. These bundles are an annual plan. If you chose auto renewal, and run out of message before your renewal date, your bundle will auto renew when you get down to those 10 messages. If you don't use all your message before your renewal date, you end up losing those messages as they don't roll over in an annual plan.

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