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Grand Canyon Rescue

Grand Canyon Rescue
Rescue Profile: Bob Bordasch
Case #19136

Bob Bordasch has been backpacking for nearly 55 years and blogging about his trips as a way to remember them for the past nine years. In April 2017, Robert and a friend set off to hike from Kanab Point to Kanab Creek in the Grand Canyon.

After several hours of hiking, he started experiencing pains in his mid-back, close to his kidneys. The farther he hiked, the more pain he felt. The only way he was able to find relief was by stopping every hundred yards or so to bend over. Another hour later and the pain had become debilitating, both in his back and his gut.

Having pressed on for as long as they could, the duo finally stopped at a flat slickrock area to set up camp and rest. When Bob awoke the next morning his back was still bothering him, so they decided to hang around camp for the day, hoping his back would improve. Due to changes in the weather, they decided to move camp a few hundred yards away. After hauling his pack to the new location, Robert found his back pain had significantly increased. It was at this point that he started to think through their options, realizing a hike out was not one of them.

The next morning, feeling no better, Bob made the decision to push the button on his SPOT and prepare for a rescue. "My wife had purchased the SPOT device for me because she was worried about me doing solo hikes. I had never used it before, and I never thought I would."

After about 90 minutes, they heard the sound of a helicopter. Bob was airlifted to a clinic on the south rim where he received medical attention. According to Bob, "It seemed like magic. Even though, as an engineer, I've been around technology all my life, it still struck me as amazing that this technology exists."