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Iqaluit Hunter Rescued after Snowmobile Breaks Down on the Ice in -40° Celsius

Rescue Profile: Adam Noah
Case #: 16195

Iqaluit Hunter Rescued

Early in the morning of March 10th, 2016, Adam Noah, a hunter from Baker Lake, Nunavut, headed out on his snowmobile for a day of caribou hunting. By the middle of the afternoon, when he was in a remote area about 45 kilometers east of Baker Lake, his snowmobile broke down. The temperature in that area was -40° Celsius.

For the past two years Noah says he has owned a SPOT GPS Satellite Messenger, which he carries with him as part of his emergency gear whenever he goes hunting or fishing. "We don't only use a snowmobile when we go out hunting or fishing. We always have a sled attached which carries survival gear. It gets so cold that you can't just go hunting for the day without emergency gear." For Noah, SPOT is an important part of his emergency gear.

Following the mechanical breakdown of his snowmobile on the afternoon of March 10th, Noah recognized the dangerous situation he was in with the -40° Celsius conditions. He says although he has owned the SPOT for 2 years, this was the first time he used the SOS feature, and he didn't hesitate. "This was the first time I used SOS," said Noah. "But I was alone and realized my snowmobile was beyond repair. I knew I was in trouble. I clicked the SOS button on my SPOT device." A couple of hours later, Noah was rescued, fortunately without any injury. Following the ordeal, Noah says SPOT is an important part of emergency survival gear. "I recommend SPOT to everybody in Nunavut that is going out hunting or fishing".