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Wyoming rescue chief rethinks value of GPS device


A rescue involving falling boulders leads Wyoming rescue chief rethinks value of GPS device

A couple of experienced backcounty users was on a multi-day backpacking trip, carefully traversing the boulders near the base of 13,809-foot Gannett Peak, when a rock dislodged and rolled into the woman's leg, breaking her femur and opening her from knee to groin. The couple used their SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger to issue an emergency alert to authorities Freemont County, WY.
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Alaska State Troopers rescue Healy man freezing in wilderness


November 22, 2011 - According to news sources, a 22-year-old Healy man was rescued by Alaska State Troopers after trying to walk almost 50 miles out of the wilderness in temperatures of 20 to 30 degrees below zero.

Troopers found the man suffering from frostbite and hypothermia, late Saturday night at an unheated cabin on Healy Creek, about 10 miles east of Healy, a few hours after he hit the SOS button on his SPOT device.

“That Spot Tracker saved his life, there’s not a doubt in my mind,” said Eric Jeffords, one of the two Alaska State Troopers who found him. “I don’t think he would have made it until morning.”

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Whitewater Kayaker's Experience with SPOT



August 2, 2011 - The SPOT GPS Messenger first became important to me after a recent trip to Dinky Creek, CA. Dinky Creek is as deep as you can get in the high sierra wilderness. One access trail at the entrance and the only way out is by kayaking the two day adventure of class V whitewater.

We arrived first at the take-out for the river at Balch Camp. Balch Camp is nothing more than a parking lot deep in a canyon hours from your last bar of cell reception. We prepared our gear and went to bed early to feel fresh for our next days adventure. Early that next morning, we were awakened with Helicopters circling overhead and a few minutes later two Italian kayakers were driven down to our site.


The previous evening they had experienced a horrible accident on the river and one of their teammates and good friends died. It was horrific news that hit all of us deep. They had used a SPOT Messenger to send for help as they lost gear and could not continue out on their own.

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Sailors rescued 1,400 miles off Cape Cod in 45-knot winds with 25 to 30-foot seas



September 8, 2011 – According to news sources, the U.S. Coast Guard, reported that they, the Canadian Joint Rescue Coordination Centre Halifax, a Canadian Forces CC-130 Hercules and two merchant vessels worked together to rescue four French sailors more than 1,400 miles east-northeast of Provincetown.

The 600-foot tanker Unique Sunshine, an Automated Mutual-Assistance Vessel Rescue System (AMVER) member, and the 250-foot oil rig tender Maersk Chancellor rescued the sailors after their boat, the 36-foot red-hulled sailboat Roule Ta Bille, capsized and the mast broke.

The sailboat was righted, but could not make its way into port.

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Hikers found alive lost on the Quetrupillán Volcano



April 23, 2011 - According to news sources, rescue patrols from the National Forestry Corporation found alive two hikers that had been missing in the mountainside of the Quetrupillán Volcano, in the La Araucanía Region.

According to officials from the organization, the Italian Analissa Lombardo and the Czech Citizen identified as Philip Kunge were found in the Huililco sector, in the Villarrica National Park, with the onset of hypothermia. As a result of this, they were transferred to the San Francisco Hospital of Pucón so that medical personnel could check their health conditions.

The visitors found themselves lost from Thursday night when the Italian activated her emergency satellite device, communicating with the Control Center in Texas, United States, from where they referred the information on to the Chilean Navy, who extended the information on to the National Emergency Office.

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