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SPOT Named to the All-TIME 100 Gadgets List

TIME Magazine technology editor Peter Ha picks the 100 greatest and most influential gadgets invented since 1923


COVINGTON, LA (December 1, 2010) –  Spot LLC, a subsidiary of Globalstar, Inc. (Nasdaq: GSAT) is proud to announce that the award-winning SPOT Personal Tracker has been named  to TIME Magazine’s list of top 100 greatest and most influential gadgets.


The list was selected by TIME tech editor Peter Ha recognizing the most influential personal gadgets created since 1923 — the year TIME started publishing.


Launched in 2007, the SPOT Personal Tracker is the world’s first satellite GPS messenger allowing outdoor enthusiasts and tech-savvy consumers to stay connected with family, friends and if necessary emergency coordination services,  from remote locations around the world. The SPOT Personal Tracker can send a variety of predefined GPS location based messages over the Globalstar satellite network based on the user’s situation, providing peace of mind and emergency assistance when needed.


According to Peter Ha in his recent TIME article, “Your cell phone doesn't always work, and satellite phones are costly for the average outdoorsman. And let's face it, distress beacons are typically reserved for airplanes and large ships. But if you're in the wild, you're not as alone as you once were. The Spot Personal Tracker is a personal GPS and satellite device that can call out for help with the push of a button. The original Spot had four basic functions that sent four basic alerts: SOS/911 (life-threatening situation), Help (non–life threatening), Check-In/OK (message sent to predefined contacts) and Track Progress (progress is saved on Google Maps). Service plans are required, as they are with cell phones, but wouldn't you rather pay out a couple hundred dollars now and not be stuck on the side of a mountain later?”


As previously announced, since the inception of the SPOT Personal Tracker product in November 2007, Globalstar, Inc. has received orders to ship more than 273,000 SPOT retail devices to over 10,000 SPOT Messenger points of distribution in North America, Europe, Latin America, Australia, and Southeast Asia.  Validating consumer acceptance, the company set a new SPOT activation record for the second consecutive quarter ending September 30, 2010.   To date, the SPOT messenger products have initiated over 800 rescues worldwide on land and at sea.

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Spot LLC, a subsidiary of Globalstar, Inc. (Nasdaq: GSAT), provides emergency notification technology that allows users to communicate from remote locations around the globe. The SPOT product family uses both the GPS satellite network to determine a customer's location and the Globalstar network to transmit messages and GPS coordinates to others including an international rescue coordination center.  Thanks to this affordable, cutting edge personal safety device, the company offers people peace of mind by allowing customers to notify friends and family of their location and status, and to send for emergency assistance in time of need, completely independent of cellular phone or wireless coverage. For more information on how Spot LLC is helping others stay connected - from disaster preparedness to outdoor adventure – visit



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