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What features on SPOT GPS Satellite Messenger can be in use at the same time?

Check in Ok and Tracking can be used concurrently. The Check in Ok function will suspend the Tracking feature for the 20-minute Check In Ok message cycle....

How accurate is the SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger when reporting a user's position? 

The SPOT Messenger has a location accuracy of approximately 20 ft. (5 m)....

Tips to help send your first SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger Check-OK message

1) Go outside to where SPOT has a clear view of the sky in all directions. 2) Press and hold the ON/OFF button until the function light blinks green. 3) Press and hold the Check-In/OK button until the function light blinks green. 4) Leave SPOT outdoors. The GPS indicator light blinks green as SPOT acquires a GPS fix. Once SPOT acquires your GPS location, the Message Sending light and GPS light will blink green in unison for ~15 seconds to notify you that your message is being transmitted with GPS location. The Message Sending light will continue to blink green over the remainder of the 20 minutes message cycle and for one (1) hour after the end of the message cycle (this is to provide you with additional time to check if your most recent message was transmitted). The Check-In/OK function light will turn off once the message cycle is complete. 5) Verify that the message was received in the email or SMS account(s) that you set up during activation in your Check-In/OK contact list. 6) You can also view your messages in your account at Making sure you can send an OK message is a safe way to test your message delivery system from end to end. If you do not receive your OK message on the first try, move the unit to a different location since something may be blocking the signal where you first tried. If the GPS light blinks red, SPOT does not have a clear view of the GPS satellites and you must move to an area with a clearer view of the sky for proper operation. Then repeat steps 2 through 5. You can update the names and contact information anytime via your account on the SPOT website. Leave your personal contact information as one of the contacts for future system testing and GPS Acquisition before each trip. ...

What does an email or SMS notification look like that I send from my SPOT Messenger? 

When the SPOT system receives a Check In, Custom or Help message, it will use the contact information settings that you entered to send notifications to your friends and family. The subject line of the email contains your unit number and if it is a Check In, Custom, or Help message. The email contains the full Check In, Custom, or Help message that you setup for your SPOT GPS messenger. The email also contains the ESN, the exact latitude/longitude location, and a map link. Clicking on the map link will open a Google maps page that will show them your current location. If you set up a mobile destination as one of the contacts, they will also receive a notification. The format of messages sent to a mobile phone is almost identical, except that the google map link and nearest location are not included in the message. ...

How quickly will a message go out after pushing a button? 

After your GPS location has been acquired, the first message is attempted and may reach their destination(s) within 2 to 5 minutes. We recommend that when sending messages from your SPOT to allow the message cycle to complete. Message Cycle • Check-in/Ok and Custom: Acquires your GPS coordinates and sends 3 messages in a 20-minute period. • Help: Sends a message every 5 minutes with updated GPS coordinates for 60 minutes, unless the Help message is canceled or the device is turned off. • SOS: Sends a message every 5 minutes with updated GPS coordinates until the batteries are depleted, the SOS message is canceled, or the device is powered off. Please note: If the SOS messaging mode is initiated, turning off your device does not cancel the SOS request and may still result in a Search and Rescue attempt . For more information, click here . How to Cancel SOS SPOT X: While SOS is active, long press the SOS button for 3 seconds to cancel the SOS initiation. How to Cancel SOS Gen1, 2, 3, and 4: Press and hold the SOS button until the light blinks red. Let SPOT work until the SOS button stops blinking red to finish sending the cancellation message. The Message Sending light will blink green indicating it has sent the cancel message. Turning off your SPOT while in SOS mode DOES NOT send an SOS cancel message. Please keep in mind that even when the SPOT system sends messages, message delivery is dependent on the status of your providers SMS and email networks. This could mean that messages, like any email or SMS messages you send and receive everyday, could be delayed. Please contact your mobile phone service provider, internet service provider or system administrator if you suspect irregular performance. ...
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