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WIN Big Prizes! SPOT and Gear Junkie Team Up for Another Awesome Treasure Hunt!


Here’s another chance for you to win awesome prizes courtesy of SPOT and Take part in a new nationwide treasure hunt at! “Get the clue, find your coordinates and head out on a SPOT adventure to win!”

A half-dozen serious pieces of swag await treasure hunters armed with SPOT devices all around the country this week!

Bust out your SPOT device and register at now!


Here is how to participate:

  • Add your email address to your device message profile (Check-in/OK) or Contact Group in My Account at (After sending a message, participants will have to submit the Google Maps link found inside the SPOT email message.)

  • Head out! Time to find your chosen geographic location and checkpoint. (Check out the map

  • Once there, send a "Check-in/OK" message at the Checkpoint to mark your waypoint.

  • At home, open the SPOT message in your email Inbox and copy the location link.

  • Finally, visit and click "Quick Check-in" to enter your info and claim a prize!

For more info, go to

Hurry! Some prizes have already been claimed however there are still thousands of dollars in prizes waiting to be claimed. Good luck!

Featured Rescue

4,000th Rescue: Motorcyclist in DeKalb County, Alabama

Rescue Profile: Michael Herrera
Case #: 15697

4000th rescue

On October 23 in DeKalb County, Alabama, retired Houston firefighter Michael Herrera was alone and off-roading on his dual-sport bike when he took a hard fall. Although initially disoriented, Michael’s experience as a first responder told him that his injuries were more serious than he could see so he reached for his SPOT Gen3® and pressed the S.O.S. button.

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