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Stay Prepared and Prosper!

june11_prepareBefore you head out on that long, much needed adventure vacation, prepare yourself with skills and proper equipment. We’ve come up with a few friendly reminders to get you started.

General Preparedness Tips:

Expect the unexpected. Here are some basic things to do before each adventure:

  • Do your research before you go.
  • Sharpen your skills. First Aid, Wilderness Response, CPR… A little investment goes a long way.
  • Select the proper equipment for your adventure.

Recommended SPOT User Tips:

Here at SPOT, we’re all about safety and we care about our customers. Here are some recommended tips on how you can be prepared, stay safe and get the most out of using SPOT:

  • Educate Yourself: Make sure you’ve read your SPOT user manual.
  • Update Your User Profile: Fill out your profile with as much information and update your info before each trip. Doing so could greatly assist rescuers in a 911/SOS emergency.
  • Educate Others: Make sure your personal contacts know they’ll be receiving SPOT messages and how they should respond.
  • Practice: Test your casual SPOT message functions before you head out.
  • Pack Light but Pack Smart: Pack an extra set of batteries.
  • Have questions? Visit SPOT FAQs!

Check out more helpful tips from SPOT at

Featured Rescue

4,000th Rescue: Motorcyclist in DeKalb County, Alabama

Rescue Profile: Michael Herrera
Case #: 15697

4000th rescue

On October 23 in DeKalb County, Alabama, retired Houston firefighter Michael Herrera was alone and off-roading on his dual-sport bike when he took a hard fall. Although initially disoriented, Michael’s experience as a first responder told him that his injuries were more serious than he could see so he reached for his SPOT Gen3® and pressed the S.O.S. button.

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