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Is Your Roadside Assistance Satellite-based? Ours Is!

may11_roadsideThe car is loaded up and your family is eagerly waiting to arrive at the campground.  Unfortunately your car breaks down halfway in the middle of nowhere and it’s getting dark. With no cell service, you can’t call for a tow truck. Luckily, you remembered to take SPOT on the trip.

Before you head out on the road, make sure you have SPOT Assist Roadside. It’s the one and only 100% satellite roadside assistance service available on the market. Unlike OnStar or AAA, SPOT Assist sends your request for roadside assistance via satellite independent of cellular service range. Don’t be left on a remote highway with a broken down auto. Just a quick press of a button or a selection on your smartphone powered by SPOT Connect can get you roadside help.

For just $30 per year, SPOT Assist Roadside links you to National Safe Drivers (NSD). Press the Help button and your location coordinates and request for assistance will be sent via satellite to a NSD dispatcher. The NSD dispatcher will then notify local roadside assistance service providers of your location and help you get on your way.

SPOT Assist Roadside provides:

  • Up to 5 tows per year
  • Up to 50 miles each tow
  • Accident assistance
  • Fluid delivery
  • Tire and battery service
  • Coverage of vehicle types: RVs, trailers, light duty autos and trucks, medium duty, heavy duty and super duty vehicles.
  • Lost key and lockout service
  • Service available in the US and Canada

Important Notice: Once the Help button is enabled for SPOT Assist Roadside you will not be able to share the Help button function to contact your friends and family. The Help button will only work for roadside assistance. (This applies to SPOT Personal Tracker and SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger only.)

If you already have a SPOT account and want to add roadside assistance, simply log in to My Account and add the service. It’s that simple!

Learn more about SPOT Assist Roadside

Also, don’t forget to document your road trip and all your trips this summer on SPOT Adventures.

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Rescate #4000: Motociclista del condado de DeKalb, Alabama

Rescate Perfil: Michael Herrera
Caso #: 15697

4000th rescue

El 23 de octubre en el Condado de DeKalb, Alabama, Houston el bombero retirado, Michael Herrera, estaba solo y fuera de la carretera en su moto doble deportiva cuando sufrió una fea caída. Aunque estuvo desorientado al principio, la experiencia de Michael como un rescatista de primeros auxilios le indicó que sus lesiones eran más graves de lo que podía atenderse el mismo y fue entonces cuando buscó su SPOT Gen3® y apretó el SOS botón.

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