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Whether you’re out at sea, riding the open road or hiking the trail, SPOT can assist you in a time of dire need or allow others to track your location. Read some of the latest experiences our loyal SPOT customers have sent us.

SPOT user, Thomas Doss and his daughter planned on going for a ride on their snowmobiles. Equipped with survival gear, they expected the unexpected; a leisurely ride in the snow turned into a critical situation. Thomas wrote us about his experience using SPOT that helped saved his daughter.

“My daughter and I were going on a snow machine ride out of Cooper Landing to Lost Lake, Alaska. After about an hour of riding, I fell through and couldn’t get out. My daughter fell through a few minutes later with her machine.

It was getting dark quick, so we brought out our survival gear and got ready for a long, cold night. My daughter was getting hypothermic and I chose to use the SPOT to get her out quick. The SPOT worked perfect and we got her out safe. Thanks, because it would have been the next day if we hadn’t have had our SPOT. She would have been in serious trouble if we would have had to wait that long. Thanks again for a real life saving piece of equipment that works.”

Chris Petrie wrote and told us where he took his SPOT and how his SPOT mapping stopped him from heading toward a dead end:

“Hey SPOT! Love your products and your constant innovation! This is our third season and now we have upgraded our SPOT to the new SPOT DeLorme Communicator. We are taking this incredible device on our 1507 km canoe expedition that goes from Jasper, Alberta to Fort Smith Northwest Territories. We used your first product on an 87-day voyage to Hudson Bay and it was awesome!

-Chris Petrie

P.S. Because of SPOT (3 years ago) my girlfriend was able to zoom in on our location (we had a weak cell signal but it held up in this area). She was able to tell me that we were 18km off route and were heading toward a dead end! We were lied to about a short cut that did not exist on Cedar Lake, Manitoba!”

We are happy to hear SPOT lent a helping hand and everyone is OK.

Share your story with us. We would love to hear it.

Featured Rescue

Rescate #4000: Motociclista del condado de DeKalb, Alabama

Rescate Perfil: Michael Herrera
Caso #: 15697

4000th rescue

El 23 de octubre en el Condado de DeKalb, Alabama, Houston el bombero retirado, Michael Herrera, estaba solo y fuera de la carretera en su moto doble deportiva cuando sufrió una fea caída. Aunque estuvo desorientado al principio, la experiencia de Michael como un rescatista de primeros auxilios le indicó que sus lesiones eran más graves de lo que podía atenderse el mismo y fue entonces cuando buscó su SPOT Gen3® y apretó el SOS botón.

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