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Want to win your very own FREE SPOT Connect and up to $15,000 worth of awesome outdoor gear?!


Sylvan Sport and SPOT are partnering once again for the Find the Go contest. Watch the videos, follow the clues, track the coordinates and find the Go!

Here’s your chance to get your very own FREE SPOT Connect with a year of Basic Service, Track Progress and a 500 Type & Send message bundle.

Register for free here. Click on Clues to watch the videos and track the coordinates. Four clues have already been released; once you sign up you will be in the game.  Be the first to Find the Go loaded with TONS of great outdoor gear perfect for your upcoming summer vacation!

Go to for more information. And don’t forget to track your summer vacation fun on SPOT Adventures.

Also, BONUS: Spot LLC is running a T-Shirt Design Contest where you enter to win a SPOT Connect if you’re design is the winner! See here for complete details.

Featured Rescue

Death Valley Rescue: SPOT Was There When No One Else Was

Rescue Profile: Tom
Case #: 13665


Tom Madlem had been riding motorcycles for 50 years. Death Valley was one trip he had never taken before though. He and a friend had planned to take 2 weeks off and make the ride. However, the first part of the trip was going to force Madlem to commit the “cardinal sin” - biking alone.

This meant he would be riding alone through the desert for two days before meeting up with his friend. After his wife and son begged him not to go by himself, he was then convinced to purchase his SPOT GEN3™ for the trip so his family would have peace of mind. He made it the first day just fine alone. Tuesday morning, he had not ridden 10 miles when he took a hard fall on his bike.


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