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And the Winner is...


It’s not just awards season in Hollywood. Tech magazines and blogs awarded and honored the latest and greatest products unveiled at this year’s CES.

SPOT Connect has been named to a few lists:

  • 2011 CES Innovations Award: Design and Engineering in Personal Electronics

SPOT Connect won the award for CES Innovations Award in Design and Engineering in the Personal Electronics category at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show

The SPOT Satellite GPS Messenger won the same award at the 2008 CES. Since 1976, the prestigious Innovations Design and Engineering Awards has given consumer technology manufacturers and developers an opportunity to have their newest products judged by a preeminent panel of independent industrial designers, independent engineers and members of the trade press. It's the place to see, touch, feel and understand the future of consumer technology.

  • CNET: Best of Show Nomination: Software/Service/Apps category

More than 20,000 products showcased at CES, SPOT Connect was one of five nominated in the Software/Services/Apps category. “The Spot Connect’s hardware is self-contained, so it can continue to transmit your location when in Tracking or SOS mode even if the paired smartphone dies or is deactivated, and is IPX7 waterproof and shockproof, so it's less likely to be damaged or destroyed than a relatively fragile handset. The Spot Connect can also be utilized as a standalone device to a limited degree and features a physical SOS button for transmitting your location to emergency services. And because the Spot Connect has its own GPS receiver and satellite transmitter, it can also be used to add positioning and messaging functionality to noncellular devices, such as the iPod Touch.”

Watch the video here. Read more of the CNET article here.

  • Mobile Magazine: 10 Best of CES 2011

Among the newest mobile products unveiled at CES this year, SPOT Connect was named Best Satellite Technology by Mobile Magazine. “Some technologies clearly stood out beyond others, some we thought were just damn cool, and others we know will make a difference in our connected lives.” SPOT Connect transforms select smartphone operating systems into a global personal one-way satellite communicator.

Click here to read more and see what other products made the list.

  • Gizmodo: Some of Tomorrow's Best Gadgets

Gizmodo editors chose SPOT Connect as one of many favorite products at CES. “So you're lost in the wilderness. Thoughts of a parched, solitary death are entering your mind. Well, with the Spot Connect, you can share these final thoughts on the Internet! And also save yourself (But mainly: Tweet.)”

See the full list here.

  • Tech Geeze: Best Picks in CES 2011

SPOT Connect was listed by in their series of Best Picks in CES. “As much as we'd love to have those new and shining smartphones coming here and there and everywhere, they're pretty much useless if you're stuck in a location without any signals. Typically when you're lost in some random forest where it matters most. Look no further as there's SPOT Connect and it has you covered.”

Read more here.

Click here to see a full list of awards SPOT has won.

Featured Rescue

Death Valley Rescue: SPOT Was There When No One Else Was

Rescue Profile: Tom
Case #: 13665


Tom Madlem had been riding motorcycles for 50 years. Death Valley was one trip he had never taken before though. He and a friend had planned to take 2 weeks off and make the ride. However, the first part of the trip was going to force Madlem to commit the “cardinal sin” - biking alone.

This meant he would be riding alone through the desert for two days before meeting up with his friend. After his wife and son begged him not to go by himself, he was then convinced to purchase his SPOT GEN3™ for the trip so his family would have peace of mind. He made it the first day just fine alone. Tuesday morning, he had not ridden 10 miles when he took a hard fall on his bike.


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