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Tips on the New Feature-Rich PN-60w with SPOT Communicator

delorme_lifestyle_01_200There's been a lot of great feedback on the new DeLorme Earthmate PN-60w with SPOT Communicator. This week, I'd like to share some of the coolest features you might not know about.

Logging Geocaches and Uploading Field Notes

With the SPOT Communicator and PN-60w, you can log a geocache find and write a field note in the field and immediately send the information to Link your premium account to your account at before you go into the field. This will allow you to log a geocache or upload field notes in near real-time from virtually anywhere with the SPOT Communicator.

Using the SPOT Communicator in Independent Mode

Did you know that the SPOT Communicator could be used independently of the PN-60w? For example, if you lose, damage or the batteries go dead in your PN-60w, you can use the SOS button on the SPOT Communicator in case of emergency. When the GPS indicator light is green on the SPOT Communicator, The SPOT Communicator is operating in independent mode (not connected to the PN-60w), and is in view of 3 or more GPS satellites.

Send Progress Page Lets You See the Progress of Your Message

Once you have sent a message, the Send Progress page displays information about the message currently in Progress. When the SPOT Communicator status indicates that a message mode is in progress, you can select that message type to view the Send Progress page

The Send Progress page displays the following information about the message:

Message–The message recipient and the content of the message

Times Sent–The number of times the message has been sent. While a single message transmission has a good probability of being received, waiting for the full three-message transmission to complete gives the highest probability of a successful delivery.

Time Started–The time the message was initiated.

Time to Next Send–Displays the amount of time remaining until the SPOT Communicator sends the next message.

Time Remaining–Displays the amount of time remaining until the message is complete.

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