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Adventurer Andy Maser Helping "Turn Restoration into Recreation"

46678-Andy-Scott_s_D_BackgroundThis week, a small team of environmental activists, adventurers and media professionals are paddling the 130 mile stretch of the Columbia River from Portland, OR to the Pacific Ocean. Through their ethic, “Turning Restoration into Recreation,” the paddlers hope to benefit both the Columbia River watershed and those recovering from injuries sustained while serving our country. Click Read More below to learn about their cause and see how they use SPOT to broadcast their Live Map tracking.

The full-service paddling trip for disabled veterans goes from Williamette Falls in Portland, to Ft. Stevens at the mouth of the Columbia River. The goal of the 5-day event is to raise money and awareness for three charities: Disabled American Veterans (DAV), Team River Runner and Portland’s DAV chapter is one of the top chapters in the country, leading the way with innovative support programs for our returning troops. Team River Runner uses paddling as physical and emotional therapy for recovering disabled veterans.

Maser and the crew began paddling on Monday, August 31, 2009 and will finish their trip on Sunday, September 5. Follow Live Map tracking of the journey right here through Andy Maser’s SPOT Adventures page:

Andy Maser is an explorer and filmmaker based in gorgeous Portland, Oregon. He makes films that blend adventure, science and conservation in threatened ecosystems around the world. Maser is the former winner of the National Geographic Young Explorer Award.

Featured Rescue

Rescate #4000: Motociclista del condado de DeKalb, Alabama

Rescate Perfil: Michael Herrera
Caso #: 15697

4000th rescue

El 23 de octubre en el Condado de DeKalb, Alabama, Houston el bombero retirado, Michael Herrera, estaba solo y fuera de la carretera en su moto doble deportiva cuando sufrió una fea caída. Aunque estuvo desorientado al principio, la experiencia de Michael como un rescatista de primeros auxilios le indicó que sus lesiones eran más graves de lo que podía atenderse el mismo y fue entonces cuando buscó su SPOT Gen3® y apretó el SOS botón.

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