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SPOT Additional Service: SPOT Assist Roadside

SPOT Assist Roadside

Get 24/7 satellite-based roadside assistance at the touch of a button, even where cell phones are unreliable.

Safe Travels with SPOT Assist

SPOT ASSIST roadside assistance service notifies professional nationwide assistance providers to get you back on track fast when you need help. SPOT has partnered with Nation Safe Drivers (NSD) to provide a roadside assistance program that is like no other - it calls for help even from areas where cell phones can't. Nation Safe Drivers is one of the largest suppliers of towing and roadside assistance, as well as supplemental insurance-related products.

Works Where Cell Phones Don’t

Unlike OnStar, SPOT sends your messages and GPS locations over communications satellites so you can be located quickly. Unlike in-car GPS devices, SPOT can send your message and locations to others, communicating in near real time with the push of a single button- no bluetooth technology or complicated programming required. And as an extra bonus, SPOT is a portable device and can be used away from the vehicle. Enjoy the benefits of SPOT everyday while on the road, but take it on your adventures when you go off the grid as well!

SPOT Assist Roadside Assistance features:
  • Up to 5 tows per year
  • Up to 50 miles each tow
  • Accident assistance
  • Gas & oil delivery
  • Tire services
  • Battery service
  • Lost key and lockout service
  • Service is available in US 50 States, Puerto Rico, Washington DC and Canada

How Do I Get This?

Purchase SPOT Assist Roadside Assistance
Whether you are new to SPOT and just activating your SPOT device, or if you are a loyal user, it is easy to add roadside assistance to your Basic Service Plan.

New users: Simply purchase SPOT Assist NSD Roadside during the registration process.

Current customers: Log into your account, go to the MY SPOT Device tab and simply add the SPOT Assist NSD Roadside service to the SPOT unit of your choice. This will automatically add the roadside assistance service to your selected SPOT Messenger and charge the credit card on file. This service will be prorated so you only have 1 renewal date for all your services.
Update your Roadside Assistance Profile
You must fill out your roadside assistance profile information when activating the service. Once you have purchased your SPOT Assist Roadside Assist service, the Help button on your SPOT device is used exclusively to provide this service. When you push the Help button SPOT will automatically send your GPS location along with your message to Nation Safe Driver’s Dispatch Center.
Notify Users of your SPOT Assist
Make sure that all who use your SPOT device know that you have selected SPOT Assist Roadside service from your Help button.

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